Performance Reviews

Bells Are Ringing - College Light Opera Company


"Elyssa Blonder takes the lead role of Ella Peterson, who assumes a number of personas to meddle in her clients’ lives. Blonder does come off as everyone’s best friend, as she dips in and out of vignettes served up as slices of subscribers’ lives. She adeptly handles a variety of humorous one-liners and musical numbers ranging from the fun and frivolous “Is It a Crime?” to the plaintive “The Party’s Over.”'- Sue Mellen, Cape Cod Times 

Bells Are Ringing - College Light Opera Company


"The story of this 1950s comedy centers around Ella Peterson, played by Elyssa Blonder, who is an answering service employee for the Susanswerphone company in New York. Ms. Blonder has a lovely voice, can project with the best of them and her acting and dancing are quite excellent, too." - Laura Gross-Higgins, The Falmouth Enterprise 

Heather's: The Musical - Stray Cat Theatre


 "Blonder is enthusiastic as the girl who is ready to make a change, and she also excels on a great song, "Lifeboat," in act two, which is a gentle plea for help". - Gil Benbrook,

"Blonder really shines in “Lifeboat,” a melancholy ballad so pretty it almost sounds ... unironic." - Kerry Lengel, AZCentral

West Side Story - Phoenix Theatre


"Like the Prologue, The Dance at the Gym, the dream ballet sequence of Somewhere with an impressive lead vocal from Elyssa Nicole Blonder, plus the powerful “Tonight” Quintet, America will take your breath away." - David Appleford, Valley Screen and Stage: David Appleford's Film and Theatre Reviews